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The Libertarian Party of Wake County announces its endorsement of Barbara Howe for U.S. Congressional District 4. This district, currently represented by fifteen-term Democrat David Price, includes central and western Wake County as well as Orange and parts of Durham Counties. Ms. Howe is a passionate and principled advocate for the Libertarian message. She is an active and longstanding supporter of the Libertarian Party. Her many contributions include three campaigns as the Libertarian candidate for Governor. Ms. Howe represents the very best ideals of the Libertarian Party. We encourage all Libertarians and unaffiliated voters in Congressional District 4 to support Barbara Howe in the Primary Election on May 8, 2018.

Libertarian Party of Wake County

I have known Barbara Howe for more than 20 years. She represents the finest values and principles of the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement. Her long and consistent support of libertarian ideals is valued by many members of our party. And she matches her beliefs with deeds. Barbara has worked tirelessly to reform North Carolina’s restrictive ballot access laws and allow; she’s worked inexhaustibly to get and keep the Libertarian party on the ballot; and she’s carried our banner of libertarianism in many elections, including three runs for Governor.

With great pleasure, I wholeheartedly endorse Barbara Howe for the Libertarian nomination for U.S. House of Representative District 4.

Brian Irving
Libertarian Candidate for NCGA Senate District 16